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"Faith it, until you make it"

  Inspirational Speaker|Ministry Leader|Educator|Veteran 

Kodi Jackson has committed his life to helping others. He is a man of faith, family and friendship and dedicates himself to make sure others experience the same motivation and love that he has for living life to the fullest.  He is founder and president of JTI Change group.  A transformation and speaking company that helps people from all walks of life change their life by doing a complete overhaul  and paradigm shift of their way of thinking.

His ability to connect with people and help inspire radical change, stems from his unique background and upbringing.  As a byproduct of drug addictive parents, gang violence, physical abuse, incarceration, foster care, and abandonment, where most kids give up, this young man "got up" and used his pain as motivation for God's plan.   Known as a man on fire for God and life, he has used his past to be a motivating force to change for the better. 

After bouncing around from home to home and finding himself sleeping on a park bench at the age of 15, he was finally blessed with two loving military parents who would change his life forever.  The love, attention, and new life was the spark he needed and longed for that allowed him to test in his proper grade, graduate High School on time and join the United States Air Force as a military police officer where he would receive his Associates, Bachelors, Masters degree along with being handpicked by the base commander to receive a Crisis Intervention certification (CISM) that would be used to help military personnel cope with problems such as death, rape, PTSD, and suicide prevention. 

Kodi and his family spent many years traveling abroad and serving the military for over 15 years in Africa, Korea, Japan, Italy, Germany, Spain, England, Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, and Iraq before he accepted the call to teach college and start a church in the heart of Los Angeles CA.  For seven years Kodi and his wife Tashona counseled, prayed, and loved on the homeless, gang members, prostitutes, abandon children and many more individuals that just needed love and support.  

Kodi truly lives by his motto "Faith it until you make it"  and because of his faith and love of God, he truly has made it.  Kodi is truly blessed to have the love of his life Tashona Jackson and four beautiful children Ymani, Khale, Isaiah, and Mia.  His mission in life is to help change the lives of the doubtful, faithless, and uneducated by being an example of hope through faith and a complete paradigm shift of the mind. 

"Change my mind, so I can change my life"